Editor’s Letter

The theme for this month is Bravery. A concept I find myself coming up against more and more often these days.

To be a feminist today leaves one in quite a strange and unfamiliar position. To be fair, there was never really a good time in history to be a feminist. But activism is changing before our eyes, into something that doesn’t resemble anything I know, something I’ve been trying to figure out.

We live in a hostile world, a world that yearns to put everything into easy categories–good and bad, right and wrong, in and out, etc. If we come up against something we don’t know or something that contradicts what we’ve established, we get angry. Everything must be nice and easy, must not put up a fight, or we will cast it aside. Just look at Chimamanda.

But I’m not writing a baby-boomer think-piece about how evil and dumb millennials are. My point being: it’s hard to be brave these days. One wrong step and you too could be cast out.

So let’s celebrate this rare thing called bravery wherever and whenever we find it. Let’s celebrate the well-intentioned and awkward struggles, the earnest and messy steps, as long as they’re in the right direction. Let’s resolve to keep our ears and hearts open.To be brave is to be vulnerable.

Was that too mushy?

Happy April!


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