End of The Month Goodies

Is it me or did April feel like it was just going to go on forever? For better or worse, the month is finally OVER folks and, as the title states, BRAAT has a few lovely treasures left to share, handpicked especially for you. Taylor was kind enough to share her moving art piece about abortion, and we have not one, not two, but THREE deeply personal and beautiful poems from V and Celine. The choice is yours: to pace yourself and slowly savor each of them one at a time, or to chow down on the feast all at once. Be careful–you might get a stomachache from how yummy they are. But like, a good stomachache! A healthy stomachache. A feminist stomachache.

That analogy didn’t really work. Oh well. Happy May!




Title: Reinvented American Flag by Taylor

Artist’s Statement:

The past few decades have been marked with the fight for reproductive justice, the ability for females to get the life saving health care procedures they need and to have full ownership over their bodies. In this piece, the historic ruling of Roe v. Wade,which established that a women’s right to an abortion was protected under 14th amendment privacy rights, is embroidered into the underwear as an ode to the thousands of lives it saved by providing safe abortions.




Two Poems

by V.



My father calls me brave

but I don’t feel it.

heart pounding every time

    I see a face in the crowd

   like yours

You chase me in my dreams,

I run and scream but you

always catch me

always catch me

always catch me

Has there ever been a feminist

  never hurt by a man?

  You picture me now

  unclothed in a wet dream

       like my naked fear

       at even the most

innocent touch

It has been 3 years,

    1 month and 18 days.

I so want to be okay but

  I’m not

  I’m not

  I’m not

Has there ever been a woman

 never hurt by a man?


He said he loved me

he lied

To me or to himself?

He said, “just this one more thing”

he lied

To me or to himself?

He said he couldn’t help it

he lied

To me or to himself?



by Celine.

Coming out as a feminist was both the most liberating and most irresponsible thing I ever did.

The decision was not made on a whim

The decision was made for my own survival


No bird is happier caged

than it is free

I have given up friendships with people who,

Are too afraid to disrupt the status quo

I have denied the attempts of intimacy because,

Men won’t fuck what they can’t kill

And I refuse to die

I choose loneliness to preserve my humanity

I refuse to be someone’s anyone

I love myself first

And I devote myself, to me

In a world that sees me as an accessory

I am so brave

Just to be breathing

For myself

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